Hydro Power Projects of MANIREDA


Despite being endowed with rich Hydro power potential, Manipur has been facing power crisis for a long time. In order to solve the need of power, the rich hydel resources are required to be tapped in a systematic way. Small/Mini/Micro Hydro is attractive because it is a renewable energy sources that can never be exhausted which also avoids the pollution associated with burning fuels. Small/Mini/Micro hydro power is generally run off river and therefore avoids construction of large dams/reservoirs.


Manipur Renewable Energy Development Agency (MANIREDA) is the  State Nodal Agency of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India. Upto 25 MW capacity, State Nodal Agency can take up Small Hydro Power (SHP) projects in the state.

Role of MNRE:

In order to promote SHP development in India, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has announced to develop Small Hydro Power Station upto 25 MW capacity. Under the Small Hydro incentives schemes of MNRE, the Ministry will provide financial assistance for identification of new potential SHP sites and preparation of plan and preparation of DPR  @ Rs. 2.00 lakhs for each project upto 1.00 MW capacity and Rs. 5.00 lakhs for each project with more than 1.00 MW & upto 25 MW capacity to the State Govt. deptt./agencies.

Financial support of MNRE for setting up New SHP projects upto 25 MW capacity in the Government/State/Public sector in N-E region :

Sl. No.Capacity of the projectCapital subsidy
1.Above 100 KW & upto 1000 KWRs. 50,000 per KW
2.Above 1 MW & upto 25 MWRs. 5.00 Crores for 1st MW + Rs. 50 lakhs for each addl. MW

Financial support of MNRE for Renovation and Modernisation of existing SHP projects upto 25 MW capacity in the Government sector in N-E region :

Sl. No.Capacity of the projectCapital subsidy
1.Upto 1000 KWRs. 25,000 per KW
2.Above 1 MW & upto 25 MWRs. 2.50 Crores for 1st MW + Rs. 50 lakhs for each addl. MW

Scheme for development/upgradation of WaterMills and setting up Micro Hydel projects upto 100 KW capacity:

(a) Watermills:
Sl. No.Category of WatermillAmount of CFA
1.Mechanical output onlyRs. 35,000/- per Watermill
2.a) Electrical output (upto 5 kW) or,    b) Both mechanical and electrical output (upto 5 kW)Rs. 1,10,000/- per Watermill
(b)Micro hydel Projects upto 100 kW Capacity
1International Border DistrictsRs. 1,00,000/- per KW
2North Eastern StatesRs. 80,000/- per KW

4. Hydro projects implemented by MANIREDA :

Sl. No.Name of the projectLocationPower in KWNo. of household benefited/    to be benefitedDate of commissioned/InauguratedRemarks
1Atenglok Multipurpose Pico Hydel Power ProjectSadar Joute village, Saitu Gamphajol Block, Sadar Hills, Senapati District538Inaugurated on 14th Nov, 2008 
2Multipurpose Pico Hydel ProjectRoyal Ambassadors Academy, New Makhan village, Senapati District5School & HostelInaugurated on 30th Dec., 2009 
3.Gelnel Mini Hydel Power ProjectGelnel village, Kangpokpi Sub-Divn., Senapati District2×200925Commissioned on 4th Sept., 2010 
4.Chadong Kong Micro Hydel Power ProjectChadong village, Phungyar Sub-Divn., Ukhrul District2×12.5270Inaugurated on 27th June 2011 
5.Iru Lok Hydel Power ProjectS. Sehjang village, Sadar Hills, Senapati District540Inaugurated on 21st Jan., 2012 
  Total440 KW   

5. Hydro Projects in pipeline:

Sl. No.Name of the villagePower in KWRemarks
1.Kodea Kong Pico hydel power project, Pushing village, Ukhrul District5Implementation work is in progress
2.Yaolen village, Ukhrul District5Identified for implementation of Pico hydel power project
3.Maku village, Ukhrul District5-do-
 Total15 KW